Komeyl Kashan Chemical Co. (KKCC) (private limited), was established in the year 1993 for the production of auxiliary chemical products for use in various industries like paint, oil and gas,TBM (tunnel boring machines), water treatment, cooling towers, automobile industry, textile  and adhesives and other related industries.

Some of the prime products of this company include Foaming agents, Antifoaming agents, both silicon-based and non silicone-based, Corrosion inhibitors, Emulsifiers, Dispersing agents, Tail seal grease.
The antifoaming agents produced by this company, under the names of KZ 2000, KZ 2000S, KZ 6050, etc. are well established in various industries.
Foaming agents and Tail seal grease are widely used in the metro projects all over Iran where TBM is operating.
KKCC is managed by a combination of senior experienced seasoned individuals and a team of young energetic engineers. With a total work force of around 20 people, the company is a rapidly expanding and innovative company.